International Light Art Project

Daniel Hausig

Photo: Daniel Hausig

Haus der Stiftungen (House of Foundations) / Galerie Seippel, Zeughausstr. 26, 50667 Cologne


two-sided radiating LED matrix, aluminium construction, acrylic glass, programmed light sequences, different loops: ca. 15 min., ca. 200 x 320 cm


The multipart work Wetterleuchten (2019) has a similar effect: semitransparent plastic tubes present moving sequences of colored light in two directions – toward the wall and forward into the space. Each of the elements essentially operates like two screens divided into strips and interconnected. Each point of light in the LED profiles corresponds with a pixel that is actuated by the programming behind it. However, due to the size of these pixels and the blending of two different image fields, the optical combination of these pixels to produce an image is disrupted. Awareness jumps back and forth between the front and the back film, between a cohesive image and strips. Hence the artist prevents us from all too readily following the suggestion that what is being digitally reproduced here are celestial phenomena, such as, for example, clouds rolling by. In fact, neither the colors of the light sequences (or the sections of wall between them) nor the strips of light of the tubes that the eye first unites into a whole exhibit a resemblance to nature. The subject of this kind of painting is not reproducing or simulating natural phenomena: it is reflecting on the visual process, whose progress and influence factors the artist renders experienceable.

(quotation: Julia Otto: Seeing Light - Reflecting on Light. Daniel Hausig's Works as "Instruments of Perception". In: Otto, Julia / Willert, Barbara: Daniel Hausig. dynamic light. Bielefeld 2019, P. 105.)


Daniel Hausig
born in 1959 in Kreuzlingen [ch]
lives and works in Hamburg [de] and Saarbrücken [de]

seit 1999 Professor for Light and Intermedia, Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar, Saarbrücken
1989-1995 Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg (HFBK)
1985-1988 art conservation / restauration

study in restauration, Schule für Gestalten Bern [ch]


exhibitions (selected)

2019 dynamic light, Kunstmuseum Celle, Celle [de]; Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch [de]
2018 Projektion Stresstest on occasion of REVOLVER, Saarlandmuseum, Saarbrücken

Metamere Farben, Saarländische Galerie - Europäisches Kunstforum e.V., Berlin [de]
Silberne Frequenz - Piene reloaded 2, LWL-Museum, Münster [de]


Seitenlicht V, on occasion of the exhibition Werkschau TG,Galerie widmerthedroidis, Echikon [ch]
Seitenlicht - Versuchsanordnung IV, on occasion of SWITCH, Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst, Unna [de]

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